Download link on site not working

Can someone link me to a download for Pencil? If i try to click ‘download’ on the site, it comes up with a page telling me it cant find anything, which is a shame because this app looks quite good and im eager to have a go. I was going to post a screenie of what i’m talking about, but it’s 3 in the morning and i cant be arsed to be honest haha

Anyways, if i could get a download link for this that works that’d be much appreciated, cheers!

p.s may post the screenshot in the morning

windows, osx, and linux links all seem to be functional.



I was interested in your website thanks to someone on youtube and thought to check it out! :slight_smile: I am a nice person and if I don’t reply it is either that I don’t want to share much info about me (if you do ask anything about me) or I might be at school. Also the website wont let me download it. Did I miss something in the text? Or is it still updating? Idrk but it would be nice if you did reply.

By Unkown :>

It won’t let me download it. Every time I click the download tab and the link to downlaod it, I’m sent to this page.

I know how you feel ^

@rent Hey, are you still having issues with the download? We changed the website and the forum recently, so hopefully you are able to download Pencil2D now. Please confirm so we know how we can assist you further.