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Alright guys so I was thinking we could have it on pencil2d were we can download A Colour and use it in our animations I was just wondering So we could have a download colours on the fourm if that makes sense :grinning:

I think I understand what you mean, like having what game engines call an “asset library” which could contain different resources related to animation or like the Clip Studio Paint website where you can download textures and brushes to use.

Color swatches could indeed be made available, although I feel a single color isn’t that useful but perhaps a whole character color model could be better. Hopefully when I have more time I’ve always thought about creating an open source animation file made with Pencil2D to provide our users with an example file of how you can use the program along all the necessary project files.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Thanks for your reply @JoseMoreno