"Double Posting" and "Visualization of HTML code" on Comments

For those who are having DOUBLE COMMENTS and also “incorrect grammar” [related to the HTML improper visualization of its code], just follow this indications:

BEFORE adding any new comment/word on the REPLY’ box, make sure you select TEXT on the right up-corner of the box (right near the word VISUAL). This will solve the “revealing HTML code” from your comments.

The Double Posting happens because the system do not delete any comment you post, but instead it keeps all as a new one :frowning: . So if you are going to EDIT any of your comment, your next post will bring all the edition done, but the system will add this post as a NEW comment instead of using the first one as a correction mode, so you will end up with two comments

The Double posting only appear on the ACTIVITY section of the forum. Not sure about the “html grammar” thing. There you can DELETE any of your comments using the delete box presented at the end of your topic

EDITED: I am still trying to figure out how come a message with a link or a “@” brings the whole text underlying as a link itself???.. :frowning: … the weird thing is that I happen to have written comments which are clean but using links and “@” sign… so it must be the devil around here)