Donations to Pencil2D?

Hi, again.

I was wondering if it would be of any help to give some money to contribute to the development of this program. I think it is important to give a little for all the hard work that is put into making this. :blush:

It should be noted that open source software is not always free, as in zero-cost, to download and use, because people who develop it require some sort of payment to keep the ball rolling. There are some programs that self-claim to be “free”, like Ardour for example, but expect you to pay for the pre-made program to download. :confused:A biting irony, ain’t it. It’s also tricking you with semantics. Well, there’s always going to be paradoxes in life. :lying_face: Luckily, the software is only about $45 or less for a single payment of the pre-made program download, which isn’t terribly expensive. :relieved:

Anyway, as a fan of this software and a filmmaker, I think it would be big-hearted of me to give, say, $5 for the development of Pencil 2D and to give a little extra payment to the development team. :smiley:

Hi Jacob,

We are glad that you, and other users, are so happy with Pencil2D, that you want to contribute with monetary support.

We have discussed it in the Pencil2D team, and we have no plans on making financial support possible. We’re fine as we are, and we would prefer to get some more voluntary help, especially in the development part, than money.

If you know someone who can code, and would like to be part of a dedicated team, then please send them our way. There’s plenty of work to do, but we don’t accept donations.


OK. I understand. Thanks for letting me know. :blush:

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