Dog Days shorts

Ive been using Pencil2D for the last month to develop these 2 shorts. Its been a pretty good experience so far. I actually animated in both 6.3 and 6.4 for these as 6.3 wouldnt play sound compared to 6.4. But 6.4 wouldnt read my stylus so i had to use the mouse. Im using fedora os.

–edit– Not sure why my video was taken down but here are backup links: Short 1

My only issue was with layers:

  • In fedora when i detach my timeline, move it to another window and hit the subtract layer icon my computer crashed.
  • Is there a way to hide the active layer with a shortcut key?
  • Also is it possible when adding a new layer to add it above the active layer instead of at the top of all layers? It just takes a while to drag a layer down sometimes.

Also, feedback is welcome on the shorts :grinning:


I got Youtube to put my 1st video back up:

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