Hi all, I’m really enjoying using the program and it seems really promising, but I was having trouble with how some of the keyboard shortcuts work. Specifically when using a tablet and the ink tool if I press ctrl or shift when drawing a blue circle with an orange circle inside appears, and then brush width goes all over the place. I thought I’d look over the source code and see what’s happening but I couldn’t figure it out. Is there a full documentation somewhere? Also someone should probably change the build instructions on the github wiki or maybe put build instructions in the readme, it’s a little confusing to find the right build instructions for Linux.

@4423 Right now we don’t have a comprehensive reference for Pencil2D.

Pencil comes bundled with a help file that’s basically a PDF outlining the basic functions for old version 0.4.3b (we didn’t do that, but we didn’t change it because there’s noone in charge of documenting the program right now)

One of our users made an effort to classify most “hidden” shortcuts as you might have seen there’s a “Pencil2D Keyboard Shortcuts” which is stickied all across the forums (the yellow ones are stickyfied threads)

May I ask which version are you using? If you’re seeing an orange circle after pressing ctrl and/or shift… it should be one of the newer ones right? Probably the Nightly Builds? That orange circle is only a representation of the size of the brush, and I’ve reported that it’s behaviour becomes unbearable when you are zoomed in, but maybe this is another kind of bug?.

The Ubuntu linux version has been built by another user and the latest builds are here:

There were some other build instructions for Ubuntu 13.10 here, but I don’t know if these can be of assistance to you.

We simply don’t have enough developers, and we have even less Linux devs, sadly. The only one that has access to the Github main repo to change that is Matt Chang, the lead dev we could ask him to change that but I don’t know how to contact him to be honest. He seems to be a very busy person.

You could try however to create an issue / proposal in our github asking if someone can update the linux building procedures that are in the wiki. I’m sure we can use that as a starting point and other devs can incorporate it as we go through.

Sorry I can’t be of more use, but I’ll try to answer any other question you have If possible. Cheers.

I just cloned the sources from github and built it using those Ubuntu 13 instructions (which seem to work fine on Ubuntu 14.04).

Thanks for the list of hidden shortcuts, it looks like it’s something to do with the fast eraser function, I’ll poke around in the source and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Today I had to go to Pencil2D on OneSky (translations) in order to verify some emails that I received from the Portuguese Translation.

To my surprise I checked that the Spanish Translation is now around 85,3% which is odd since I personally finished it some time ago, with 100% !

Does anyone knows something about it?
To be honest I don’t have such a free time to do it again