Differences in the operation of Pencil2D using different operating systems!

I use several different computers. in work my computer on my desk has Windows 11, whilst at home when I use Windows it’s version 10.

I also do some part time teaching at a local college. The college computers work on networked windows 7 Pro.

On my work computer in the office and at home on my laptop, the functionality of Pencil2D!

doesn’t function as I would expect. You can reverse the Playing of the animation on screen, but if you attempt to save the animation the sequence has not been reversed!

On the college computers when you save the animation, using the Export function, the animation is reversed in the save file. Picture

The file i was using for this exercise is Reflection_Frames.pclx (42.0 KB)

I have reported several anomalies with the operation of Pencil2D in a Windows environment. I now realise that in these occasions that i have been using Windows 7 Pro when these have occurred.

These occasions include the problem with a vector drawing that extended over the edge of the Camera area.

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I realise that the checking of the operation, in what are obsolete versions of Windows is not viable for the Pencil2D group. But this version is often used in schools, colleges, like the one I teach at and many public libraries.

One of the differences between Windows 10 & 11 and Windows 7 Pro.

View Horizontal or Virtual flips

In Windows 7 Pro when the above options are left clicked they remain highlighted. The drawings in the frames are reflected Horizontaly or Virtually. When exported into .GIF or .MP4 the animations, with the flips around the 0,0 point on the screen are exported.

With Windows 10 & 11 the flip only works when the animation is played within Pencil2D. Individual frames are not flipped! When exported to .GIF or .MP4 the animation post and pre flip command click are identical.

PS I’ve never used the key code options, for these commands.

The actions you are referring to are View actions, which means they do not affect the exported video. They can affect the camera layer, but the vertical and horizontal flips are an exception to this and also do not affect the camera layer.

The animated gif you’ve posted is in the same orientation as the data in the project you posted, which is exactly how it should be working. If you can generate a gif for that project with the object facing and moving in the opposite direction from this animation, that is a bug. Please share that, and make sure that you are using the same version of Pencil2D, and also check if you are using the 32-bit or 64-bit windows release. If possible, also try it with the nightly build and see if the issue has already been fixed. Be aware that our ability to test and fix issues on older versions of Windows is limited.

It is has happened before that users have drawn their entire animation with a view flip enabled, and when they go to export they think the animation is backwards. In reality, it is the content itself which is backwards and it is being flipped when previewing it in Pencil2D to make it appear the correct orientation.

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