Devs can you answer this?

I think it’s due time that an official 0.6.7 version should be released, at least according to the trend of past releases of Pencil2D. Devs, any news or estimated time where we can get access to a download of 0.6.7? I know you guys usually point to nightly builds but it’s kinda tedious checking the site every once in awhile to download a version that’s almost released daily.

The devs likely have a particular set of bugs they need to fix prior to making a new release. Keep in mind that people who come to try this software for the first time need to have the latest ‘most-stable’ version accessible to them immediately so that the version they will be most likely to download first will not just crash or bug out often. Having Nightly Builds allows people to know that the risks are higher when trying it, if they are willing to trust it enough.

Does this make sense?

(EDIT: Sorry, I’m not a dev… I thought I would answer this anyway. Sorry!)

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