Development ceased ?

Hey, what’s up? :slight_smile:
I would like to gently note that on Github/Pencil2d now running wind only :wink:

>need now is the audio
Y * E * S


@chchwy are you still there ?

Hey it’s been a while since I came on this website, I’m here to check out the latest updates! Why does this have to be the first thing I see? Can somebody fill me in on what’s been happening? -_-

hi @connors, sorry that’s the first thing you see here…

We don’t know what’s happening, no news from @chchwy.
Maybe he’s just away for vacations or who knows.

This had to happen as we have (had ?) only one active developer.
We have to find more people to help here…



The good news is that I can see in the log that chchwy is still visiting this website.

Maybe he’s doing a surprise ? :slight_smile:

HEY!!! Nothing new?

Is everything died?


I can say for sure that development is still happening…i don’t know how much at this point, but it is still being worked on.

Nice to hear that!

Good, I think there’s many of us here (like me) that even if we are not regulars wee keep coming back and try follow the development of Pencil2D. I have not been toying around with the latest version for a while because of other projects that takes all my time but I keep my eye open. IMHO Pencil2D is worth every hour a coder puts into it it’s a very very promising piece of software. Keep up the good work.

tbh guys, Pencil is the only free frame-by-frame animation software. (well, besides PAP) It’s the only software that I can use for serious-ish animating. I can’t find another one like this.

I’m pretty sure you’re right about that. As a Linux user, I don’t use PAP (it doesn’t work very well in Wine), so that limits my options even further. As far as i know, Pencil2D is also the only 2D animation program that isn’t entirely vector, which is very important to me. Vector art might be clean, and scale very well, but it loses a lot of the personality inherent in pixel-based artwork. There are times when vector art just isn’t suitable.

I’ve been saying this for a while…still hoping…if Pencil2D gets audio properly working, including synchronized playback, and kills whatever showstopper bugs there might still be (i haven’t really tested it out in several months to know), this program could easily be THE app for 2D animation, especially for those who can’t afford something like Flash or don’t think its price tag is justified.

I like so much Pencil2D.

Simplicity and agility are great. For fast sketching or really small simple animations works fine. But for use as animation tool is very buggy and not very useful; the work of camera is strange and the work with layers (inner bitmap) makes hard the animation flow. So, I finish using PAP (with wine).

Sadly, the last beta version increase the buggy state. For example, some months ago, a Debian developer introduced Pencil2D as package in the distribution. But it did get off for the buggy state:


Of course this is not a critique. I just only say that the situation of Pencil2D is not good. What about a free software developers calling?


I am expecting the Krita’s animation pluging. This years seem that they want to start as an inner developing. Maybe they can make a good 2D animation tool.

I hope development hasn’t ceased. This is a very good tool. I’m an IT geek as well as an animator, so if I can help in any way I will. I’m not a QT programmer but I downloaded the latest version and am starting to learn it. I’m more of VBasic, PHP, JavaScript and web guy but I am trained in formal programming in SQL, C, FRTAN, COBOL, etc. I’ve been an internet nerd since 1994.

Let’s keep this project alive.

@gtmike : any help is welcome !
We all hope the project will remains active. Seems @chchwy still commits things time to time, but this is definitely not enough for a project to grow.
We need more developpers…

I’m now on GitHub. I had to use the name GTNut since my name here was’nt available. Give me sometime to get up to speed and learn the tools. Any advice will be welcome.