Deleting Audio crashes Pencil2D

I accidentally imported a sound that was too loud in my animation, so I tried to delete it and replace it with a quieter audio. But when I tried to delete it, it just crashed Pencil2D. The audio lasted a little over 4 seconds.

I also tried deleting the sound layer altogether, but that also crashes the program. And even when I return after the crash, nothing got deleted.

Is there any other way for me to get rid of this audio that I don’t know of?

Hi BigForAHedgehog

I assume you’re using the latest stable (0.6.6) release, is that correct? In that case could you try to open the project in our nightly build instead.

These builds contain the latest changes, features and bug fixes. They are however not tested as much as the stable releases and as such should be considered experimental and potentially unstable.

Consider making a copy of your project before proceeding.

When that’s said, these builds are also the best way for users to figure out if what they’re experiencing is something we’ve fixed already.

Let me know if you can reproduce the bug consistently in the latest build, then we can file a bug report about it.

Thanks! I was actually using the latest stable release, so I tried the Nightly Build and it works much better!

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Would it be possible, for a list of such problems, which have been fixed since the version 0.6.6 and exist as solutions in the Nightly Builds to be made available on the Pencil2D website?

To save users reinventing the wheel.

We have a drafted some release notes for what wll eventually become the next version of Pencil2D. There have been some further bugfixes since this document was last updated but as of right now it should still be fairly complete.

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