Deleted and redownloaded the application, program is very buggy

I deleted and redownloaded the program, but upon opening it after redownloading, the program appeared to not work and be very buggy. I’ll include a screenshot. I deleted and redownloaded the program several times, trying both 64 bit and 32 bit. Nothing changed, so I was just wondering if it was an issue with the program from where it was downloaded, or if I extracted something improperly. I’m using winrar to extract the file.

It looks like you’ve scaled your UI a lot or the desktop resolution is very low.

Follow this guide What does the scale setting say and what is your desktop resolution?

Thanks for the response, it helped. I scaled everything back to 100%. The only issue now is that everything is a bit small, since I have a laptop. I’ll figure out a way to fix that though . Thank you.

You can also play around with these DPI setting under compatibility for pencil2D.

If the high resolution is too much now, you can increase the scale again and then try the above, it might be able to override the scale settings, so it only affects pencil2D :slight_smile:

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