Default file glitch

whenever i press new file, it opens a certain one of my projects and creates a copy

@Milo_Harris Hi. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Pencil2D. This sounds like something that was fixed already, do you mind letting us know:

  1. What is the current version of Pencil2D
  2. What is your current OS

The information @JoseMoreno is helpful information and you should still provided it. However I do have a suggestion for what the problem may be. You may have somehow unintentionally created a preset. If you go to Edit > Preferences > Files you will see the Startup Settings section, which contains everything related to presets. The “Preset” is the default preset. If you have other entries above or below that, then you have created presets. If a preset other than Blank is in bold, than than preset is the default. You can fix this by selecting Blank and pressing Make Default, or by deleting the non-Blank presets.

@scribblemaniac this worked! thanks. I had set my project to the preset default on accident.

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