Decide on Site wide name, and cleanup download page

Hello, new member of the community here. I really love the idea of this fork of pencil, though a few things are quite confusing about the website, and so I would like to point out a few things to whoever manages the site, as small suggestions.

First off, a name needs to be decided on and used throughout the website. It seems like half of the website is about pencil2d and the other pencil2, this needs to be decided on.

"Community about the ‘Pencil’ open-source animation software. The goal of the community is to fork the original software, which is dead. Yes, we are legion too !" This tagline needs to be changed to something that isn’t just about forking, perhaps somthing about how Pencil2d is the current leader in traditional animation or somthing along those lines. Refrencing a diffrent piece of software in the tagline is confusing.

Also please remove the redundant section of the download section. There’s 2 links to the same page, and it’s just a confusing page in general.

Thanks for the work, to anyone working on the project.

You are totally right.

We are thinking about it !