Custom Brushes/Importable Brushes

Hi - I know this is free and open source, so am of course grateful for the level of functionality that it does have, it is a great program! I think it could be great to be able to import custom brushes from other programs - I know this is most commonly done with photoshop brushes being transferrable to other programs, but unsure how difficult it is to do, so not a big deal for me if it can’t be done with the time and resources that the dev team on Pencil2D have. Just a general idea on something that I personally would love as an option :) Thanks so much, I’m absolutely loving the app!

@cass Hi. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your detailed request. You’ll be happy to know that this has been in the works for some time, and it’s getting there.

Please check the following thread to try an experimental version of Pencil2D with the MyPaint library implementation included.

This one fashions customizable brushes per drawing tool, and the brushes can be imported (albeit rudimentarily) or migrated to other open source software like MyPaint, Krita & The Gimp If I recall correctly.

If you have some time, please give it a try and do let the lead dev of this effort know about your experience. Thanks!

Thank you so much - I’ll absolutely try that out!

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