Cursor does not line up

Hello, Using Pencil 0.6.5, working on Chromebooks. When in the app, the cursor does not calibrate correctly. The software recognizes the cursor about 2" higher than where it is on the computer. Students cannot select items at the bottom of the work area and it makes selecting tools difficult. Any suggestions?

@MikeChampagne Hi. Thank you for your message.

The software recognizes the cursor about 2" higher than where it is on the computer

Allow me to ask a few questions:

  1. Are your students using some kind of screen tablet? If that’s the case, then they may need to calibrate the screen device first. If this is not the case, does this issue happen with other art software or only with Pencil2D?
  2. Does this happen while drawing as well or only while using selections?
  3. Additionally does the issue occurs on a freshly installed version of the program with the default settings?
  4. Are the students using any additional display feature of Pencil2D (e.g Composition guides, invisible lines, mirror, etc)?

I’m asking the latter specifically because there is currently an issue in the release version 0.6.5 where enabling the composition guides (i.e thirds, golden ratio, center guides, etc) in the display panel will create a selection with a certain positional offset, however this should not affect drawing, and it will not occur if these guides are turned off. This problem also has been fixed in recent development updates.

If you or your students need to confirm improvements that occur overtime, you can download the development updates (otherwise known as nightly builds) in the official website at

Let us know how it goes.

Hello, Thank you for your quick response. Students are using Chromebooks. Some HP and some Lenovo. Not Touch Screen. This happens while drawing and while trying to change tools. We are using the online version through Rollapp, so it is not a downloaded program. There are no other display features being used beyond what is default when opened.

@MikeChampagne Excuse the delay, I’ve been unavailable due to my main job. I have heard of people using this Rollapp version, however I can’t in good faith recommend it. As far as I understand they use their own version of Pencil2D and not exactly what we release, to be able to package it for mobile and web devices.

All the success stories with chromebooks that we’ve been told about have happened using Crostini enabled Chromebooks running a Linux OS distribution as you can read in these topics

As I mentioned before there is an issue related to selections that was recently fixed, but we can’t control what Rollapp developers do with our software since it’s open source and by definition they can do whatever they want with it.

The only way to get the version we release and support, is to install the linux capabilites for Chrome OS

That said, I’ve also been an educator and I know how hard it is for schools to approve of hardware and software changes. If you’d like please take a look at WickEditor @

It’s a flash-like animation software that you can use completely online via web browser and it’s open source as well.

It’s very simple and this should at least improve your students experience with animation software while also working around the limitations of Chromebooks. It has a similar interface (timeline, tools area, options area) so they should not have any issue migrating, and since they have been recently funded by mozilla they should be able to quickly fix any issues. There’s also a solid list of tutorials on their website meant for focused children & teens.

Hopefully at some point we can find a dedicated maintainer for an actual Pencil2D app vesion for Chromebooks, but for now it is simply impossible for us to support that even with third party middleware.

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