Creating thought bubbles moving on successive frames

I have a head and a “image the person is thinking of”

I want thought bubbles moving diagonally from person to image on successive frames.

I did it but v cumbersome (2 layers) Is there an easier way?

@adam-dunne Hey. Hmm i probably would have made it with 3 layers.

One for the “image thought” One for the though bubble One for the person

That way I could independently animate it without having to repeat the person or the actual thought inside :thinking:

I’m not sure there’s an easier way, if you consider that regardless of software one still has to animate the thought bubble.

The only way to simplify that would be to use a vector animation program that could “interpolate” or automatically inbetween the thought balloon animation from two drawings, and interpolate the opacity of the though image, but I would still end up using 3 layers myself.

Not sure if that helps :sweat_smile:

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