Creating basic shapes for animating faster

A great animation for creating any 2D animations. Let’s say someone is working on a project and he/she wants to create a circle, or triangle or a square. The circle could be used for creating a stickman much faster, the triangle could be used for spikes and, the square could be a box.

There should be a feature for creating these 3 three shapes and you can choose which to use anytime.

When creating these shapes For circle you can: select the size make it oval stretch it out or vice versa (this aspect is the reason why a oval can be created from circle)

For triangle you can: select size change how you want it to look (you can look like an isosceles or any type of triangle) stretch it out or vice versa (who knows if someone want their triangle long by stretching it)

For square you can: change size stretch it out (so if you want a rectangle)

For all these shapes the user can stretch from any side. Luckily you can rotate images using ctrl + left click. So come to the point that you want rotate a square or triangle that is drawn accurately by the software.

Anyways, this idea came to me from constantly drawing these shapes when creating a stickman animation. The stickmen heads would look so much better if this feature was included . This is a great feature or tool for creating basic shapes.

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