Creating animation during playback O_O

It’s been forever since i’ve been here, and honestly just as long since i’ve used Pencil2D…i’ll try to be more active in the coming months. I just pulled the latest from github, and so far it looks really nice. I haven’t tested whether it still leaks while creating HD animation, but i’m posting this because of an awesome feature(?) i just noticed. How long have we been able to draw during playback? Maybe it’s always been there and i never noticed…maybe it wasn’t even intentional…but i’m sure there are some good uses for it. The immediate thing i’m thinking is quickly creating fluid motion guides. This test was made in seconds…held down F7 to lay out a series of frames, loop activated, press play, and make some lines. Pretty sweet.

dynamic line test


What a found you have just presented.

I have tested it as well, ading some colours and different brushes and still presents interesting ideas for moving simple objects as a background
[for instance, for representing fish larvae]

@mikshaw Cool to see you back! We have some new linux builds too courtesy of Travis-CI, everyone involved has been working hard to improve the software little by little.

This feature is interesting and although it wasn’t discussed, I’m glad it popped out. There were some contributors who left as quickly as they came, but some of them helped greatly to improve the software, like a dude who fixed the sound playback issue. Maybe someone else could have implemented this as well :slight_smile:

@kaiko Yes, this is a good use! the only software I know that allows you to draw during playback is TVPaint, and even so the way to get it to work was a bit technical in the past, don’t know about the newer versions.

Thanks for commenting!