Creating a place for Topics already Resolved ?

Is there any page here that are related to bugs/issues/questions resolved?

I thought about adding a new fix topic exclusively for those things (bugs/issues and so) related to Pencil2D which are already fixed or resolved. It can allow this site to have a cleaner look and eventually will allow others to search for solutions to questions or to check if an issue has come to live again…

Just guessing

@kaiko Hey man! how was your surgery? hope everything is good!.

Regarding your post I think every thread has a “support” option that we can close. But I’d have to go individually into every thread created and mark it as resolved. I’ll do that in time i suppose, but right now I don’t have enough time as it is.

That’s why I also made the FAQ, which holds the most frequently asked (and solved) questions. I also have to update it, but people never look at it before posting. I think it’s also very hidden but I can’t change it’s location sorry.

For now I guess having a separate FIXED BUGS thread might help to avoid duplicates of the same bugs in the same old version, but again, it seems some people don’t even look inside the stickies.

I wish we could have a huge popup that says “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE LOOK AT THE FORUM FIRST” hahahaha.

I think we have to wait for a new website layout that allow users to figure things out easily.

@admin Gordie said he would be able to implement it later on based on a previous template he showed us. I can’t find where the reply is posted but it was a really nice theme :slight_smile:

Hi @morr!

My surgery was OK. I am already at home and tomorrow I am starting rehabilitation for a short period of time, but I am really OK now :)… Thank you for your concern!..

About the question I post here, you are right thinking that only a few number of users dare to read the FAQ page of the site… well… we have to live with that :slight_smile: till a new site/layout is implemented here

Any way thank you for your time.
(I am going to check the “bugs” posted by me and see if some of them were already fixed with the last build from GitHub)

The first page should be “FORUM”, I agree