Crash when I want to delete one of the layers

I need to add another weird bug. When I want to delete one of the layers -no matter which type it is- and the confirmation message shows up, if I hit the Enter/Return key, the software crashes. I have to hit OK button using the mouse.

It also crashes sometimes when I am zooming in and out using the Hand tool with the Ctrl button. As soon as I release the Ctrl, the software crashes. However, this doesn’t always happen.


It is not limited to deleting layers and zooming with Ctrl… It happens when I click the Enter key, Ctrl, Shift, and Spacebar everytime I click them even when I am doing nothing, just clicking them I mean…

I noticed that the only way I am able to stop this is by clicking Alt as soon as I start the program… Doing so, I can click Enter or the other ones as much as I want, and the software won’t crash

It’s a very weird bug, but it’s very funny :smiley:

By the way, since I didn’t mention this here I am using Pencil 0.5.4 on Linux Mint 13 KDE

I think I should have not wrote the last post… It started crashing when I click Alt :frowning:

This bug is becoming more and more weird… I tested the Windows version of Pencil 0.5.4, and I didn’t encounter the same problem, at least for now

For me, this is the only open source software I know that works on Windows better than it does on Linux :smiley: at least on Linux Mint 13

I’d have to agree with that last statement…generally applications seem to be more stable, and sometimes even perform better, on Linux than on Windows. It’s not surprising, though…Pencil2D has a tiny group working on it–sometimes only one person–and they are relying on a tiny community to help find bugs. I really think part of it might be Qt, though. I don’t know about your experience, but in my 10+ years as a Linux user i’ve found Qt/KDE applications in general to be consistently more prone to crashes than others (apart from Google programs, which are sometimes just laughably unstable).

Anyway, concerning your crash…I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug on Debian. I have seen some crashes in Linux–one maybe related to zooming–that i can’t track down yet, but i couldn’t make it die by confirming layer delete with Enter key. Pencil2D is still an unpredictable creature, and i’m afraid to spend any time on (relatively) serious projects with it until i can stop worrying about when it’s going to crash next

I tested Pencil in Ubuntu, and it has no trace of this bug there