"could not open file"

Help im making a animation and today i cant open my animation, it was for halloween and i just dont want to lose all my work

@Catcat Hey. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. First and foremost as general advice applicable to any app, we always recommend saving backup copies of your files. Never overwrite a single file too much since you risk losing work due to various events like blackouts or third party apps.

Now regarding your case, we have a recovery guide for these issues, but I’ll tell you upfront that 95% of the time it’s simply not possible to recover a file if there was a blackout or if you had too little space on your hard drive (common problems ppl report)

I’ll link the guide so you can check it out and try procedure #4 (Recovery Procedure) which can only be done on the user computer (i.e yours)

Meanwhile to speed up the troubleshooting process please send me a PM with the damaged file so I can see If it’s possible to recover it on my end using procedure #5 (File Verification)

The importance of trying out this method, is that t’s easy to check if the file is forever gone, or if it there’s a chance of recovery.

If one cannot open the file like a zip file (as per the step by step instructions) it basically means the file is toast. However if we manage to open it, then we can check how much damage it had and directly recover the raw images you had at the time of failure.

I hope this explanation helps you understand what is meant to be done in these cases, and how we can help you, but ultimately is your choice if you want to send me the corrupted file or not.

If you send the file, please make sure to upload it to an easy to use site like wetransfer.com I personally use it since it auto deletes the file after the 7th day and it’s free to upload up to 2GB files

Here’s a guide on how to use it if you don’t use an existing alternative https://wetransfer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004254743-How-do-I-send-a-link-transfer-

it seems like i need your email to send that

@CatcatHi. There’s no real need for exchanging emails. In the previous reply near the bottom I pasted a link to a guide which explains how to use their link transfer feature which does allows you to share files anonymously.

Try using that instead of the email “mode”

WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free there’s the file

@Catcat Hey. Ok so … bad news is that it seems a large portion of the animation was lost. The good news is that some of the drawings were recovered (about 38)

I put them into a new file on the frames they were supposed to be according to the original file, however their position on the canvas might be different from the original since the file that handles that was lost completely.

With this I must ask you to always save extra backup copies of your work, regardless of software, since not only Pencil2D can fail if the OS or an external event (like a blackout) interrupts the saving procedure (which is what usually leads to this issue).

MiAnimacion_Recovery.pclx (3.0 MB)

It doesn’t matter if those frames are lost, if you have the rest I’ll settle for that, thank you very much bro ;)

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