Could not open file

"Could not open file, there was an error processing your file. this usually means your file has been partialy corrupted. "
I saved the 100+ slide project and closed it 2 days ago, and now it wont open. I run Windows 7 home premium, Pencil version is 0.6.4.
I am a new user so i cant upload attachments? so i cant send you the file, please help me this project is so important to me, i saved it correctly, idk why this is happening to me.

@PullingMyHairOut Hi. Sorry to hear you had this issue.

To share your file, please use either (anonymous link option, will be deleted in 1 week - see guide below)

or google drive

Upload the file there so you can share an anonymous link with us to see how we can help recover whatever is still inside the file.

On the other hand please take some time to read this guide to prevent and try additional recovery methods that are only possible to be had in the original system. There are Windows specific methods outlined which can help find a previous incarnation of the file resting in the temporary folder.

what email do i send the file to?

@PullingMyHairOut please read the wetransfer guide below the first link. It is shown how to use the anonymous link option with a GIF

@PullingMyHairOut Alright i’m downloading now.

@PullingMyHairOut Ok. The good news is that almost all the work is intact. The bad news is that the first 190 frames were lost. :pensive:

Since the main file that puts the images together was lost too, I simply imported the animation, but you might have to fix the camera and FPS

Before parting your way with Pencil2D, my recommendation is to try to use the recovery guide I posted before to see if you can at least recover a bit more of your drawings, particularly the temporary folder part.

If after following the guide, there is nothing in the temporary files, and only after thoroughly trying out those steps, go to the last part of the guide and try the experimental recovery method to see if you can use Recuva or any other file recovery software to get more files back from the Pencil2D temp folder.

If you manage to recover some more, that’d be great, but if not, I recommend finishing the animation in any other software in case you are on a deadline.

It’s rare that Pencil2D suffers from this issue on Windows 7, but considering Microsoft just deprecated the OS in january 2020, due to recent updates in both Windows 7 and 10, your permissions could be getting in the way of the saving procedure which might have caused this problem.

Other than that I sincerely hope you can finish your work in time. Just as an additional way to help, here’s a list of alternative animation software you can use to finish your work in time. For a free option the most robust ones are Opentoonz and Krita, the simplest one after Pencil2D is Clipstudio Note, though I haven’t used it.

We wish you the best, and if you have questions about the other apps, ask them here we’ll try our best to answer.

thank you so much for your help. you are very kind. :cry:

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