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Hey wassup Pencild2D community. So I was about to work on one of my old videos that I abandoned but I wanted to finish out of curiosity since my animation motivation has been pumping up recently and this is what I’m met with Screenshot 2021-12-22 163911

It says to redirect it to a new path or correct it but I do not know how, but the thing is is that the files for this animation is completely in tact within my Videos folder.

I can’t type in the box to make it go into the new path of my Videos section to go and grab the animation, so the animation data is kinda sitting in limbo by itself in Videos. Can somebody help me cuz I’m not tryna re-draw every frame again? Especially since I was about to lip-sync. (This is for an AMV)

My previous post was not very helpful, so I’ma try again:

  • Is the PCL Folder and the PCL file in the same directory?
  • What version of Pencil2D did you last save this project in?

As @JoeyH hinted at, you will want to make sure the .pcl file exists. What you have shown in your screenshot is the folder, you will need both the file and the data folder to open a .pcl project (one of the advantages of the .pclx format is that everything is bundled together in a single file).

The good news is that you’ve definitely got the frames still, so worst case scenario (ie. you deleted the .pcl file), you can start a new Pencil2D project and import those frames, eliminating the need to redraw them. If you use the import image predefined set, and select all the images in that folder (just the images), you should be able to import them with the correct spacing and split onto separate layers. That feature can sometimes be hit-or-miss, so you can fall back to the image sequence import and import all the images for a single layer at a time and space them out manually (though it doesn’t look like that matters in this case).

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I think I saved it in a older version before this current one

It’s not impossible that I may have deleted it, because I’ve been tryna clean up my PC and make it run quicker so I deleted all the “unnecessary” files so I can run minecraft at 60fps :joy: I appreciate the advice and I will try to import

My guess is the difference in versions, but I’m not whole-heartedly sure; Good luck on it!

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:100: will try my best on this one. I got this one and another on standby

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