Could I do this?

So I’ve pretty much been animating since June 2020 now- “animating” in the sense of experimenting with animation. It’s only now that I’m really taking it serious with my project. But I was wondering- I use Pencil2D to animate. I also have Autodesk Sketchbook (an older version of it, granted) on my laptop that I animate on.

I need to create backgrounds for my characters to be on. I already know how to do so through the Bitmap Layer system- but I was wondering if it was possible to take a drawing from Sketchbook, export it using either PNG or JPEG, and put it in a Bitmap layer in the back to serve as a background for the scene- or would I need an image off of Google?

I assume this might be a stupid question and it should seem “duh” but I’m curious.

@Jordan_River_Studios In Pencil2D you use File > Import > Image and bring the background from Autodesk Sketchbook just like that.

You can use a reference image to create your own interpretation, but I don’t recommend directly using whatever you find since you may not know what copyright it may hold.

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When importing images as Jose described, Pencil2D does not care where the file came from, only that it exists locally on your computer. If you want to transfer images between programs, PNG is the best choice for an intermediate format. Jpeg is a lossy format which tends to have smaller file sizes, but will degrade the quality of your image. They are typically saved with a high enough quality that it the quality loss is visually imperceptible, but each time you save and then load a lossy format, you will compound the issue which is why it is standard practice to use the raw footage or lossless intermediate formats as much as possible until your ready for your final export.