Corrupted file! :(

It keeps saying “cannot open file” And I don’t know what to do

@Silverkitsune Hi. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. In these cases what we can do is very limited and most operations have to be done in the user’s computer (i.e your pc)

I recently answered a similar issue so please read the troubleshooting steps there and visit the mentioned guides

Additionally please share the corrupted file with us so we can look into it as well. You can upload pclx files directly on the forum (if it doesn’t let you let me know and i’ll look into the forum permissions).

If possible please describe what you were doing when the file got damaged and please let us know after you’ve followed the guides, if you managed to recover your work or not.

It says new users can’t upload files D:

@Silverkitsune Now you should be able to.

If it still doesn’t let you upload the PCLX file, the upload the file on a service like and use their anonymous link option. You don’t need an account. The files are deleted after a week.

Here’s how:

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