Corrupted File Not Opening


Im kinda new here so idk if anyones gonna see this message but ive been working on an animated clip for 2 days on a pencil 2d file and when i closed it ig it didnt save right and now its corrupted and it aint opening. Please please is there any chance i could recover my lost work??

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue. This does occasionally happen when using Pencil2D unfortunately. The Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide details a couple ways you may be able to recover some or all of your project.

For future projects, we strongly recommend you make backups of your project to prevent loosing work if this does happen again. Occasionally copying the project file, or using Save As and saving with a different file name are the simplest approaches to backing up a project.

I couldnt recover the project even though i tried everything, is there someone that could take a look at the project and try to recover it somehow :( Or is there some software that could recover corrupted files

I assume from the previous contributions, that the animation worked on the project, saving it using the same filename every time.

I’ve been animating, for some time, when I start a project, I may save it as MyProject-1.pclx.

After I’ve been working on it, for say an hour, I then save my work as MyProject-2.pclx and so on.

I might do basic character drawing in MyProject-1.pclx

Draw a background in MyProject-2.pclx

Do some basic animation in MyProject-3.pclx

Add sound in MyProject-4.pclx

Clean up the animation in MyProject-5.pclx

Using this way of working, if MyProject-5.pclx becomes corrupted, I can revert to MyProject-4.pclx and proceed to redo the clean up process. Thus a file corruption of MyProject-5.pclx is not fatal.

The time between changing the Filenames, is not set in stone, experience will dictate the interval. But my experience is to change it after a couple of hours.

I seem to remember, that this type of problem, has been mentioned in earlier posts to the Bug Reports. I sorry I cannot remember, when this occurred.

If you upload the file, either here directly or on another service and share a link to it here, I can take a look at it, but there isn’t a whole lot more I can do than what’s already described in the guide.

As mentioned in the guide, some commercial file recovery programs may be able to recover individual frames, or older versions of the project from the unused space on your hard drive. However, the older the deleted files are, the less likely you will be to successfully recovery them.

Okayyy mann thank you, im gonna send you a wetransfer link with the project, hopefully it works out. Thank you again!

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