Copy paste wont work

Im ware that this has been fixed but im on what I beileve is the most recent version???
I see someone who I think is a mod commented on a post simmilar to this with a few google drive links but when I try to access the one for windows it claims that the document doesnt exist


@Oriaan Hi. Indeed it seems that the links I posted were deleted. Don’t worry you can access the latest development versions from and pick the most recent version from the current year.

I was providing those specific versions because they were stable and there were some WIP issues with the newer ones that I didn’t want people to deal with, but most issues should be fixed now In the newest development version from today (JAN 18th 2018 // 2019-01-18 ).

There’s however still a pending issue to be implemented regarding how drawing strokes are handled because on certain tablets it made an ugly stroke when you finish a line, there’s a fix already pending review which will be shipped with the upcoming release, but right now the latest dev version does not have it applied.

So you can use the latest development version to continue working, since that one should have most of the fixes from the past 3 months applied, but if you experience the drawing issue I mentioned just know the fix is being worked upon.

Edit: Also forgot to mention, the workaround for the ugly finisher stroke is just to press Ctrl+Z, since it’s basically creating a full pressure additional line when the stylus is released.

This issue has been already fixed. Please download the latest stable version of Pencil2D at