Copy and paste problem

when I copy and paste drawing it pastes a black rectangle please help

@prox237 Hello :wave: This was found to happen recently but only when you copy / paste a drawing that comes form an imported movie. Otherwise please let us know what kind of media you imported and we’ll test that as well.

That said, a recent fix was issues for this problem I’m describing, if you can please test the most recent development version for your specific operating system. Here are some direct links to the folders that contain the dev builds.

:warning: disclaimer: nightly builds are experimental builds that get changed over time to improve the software but may contain issues as well so test them under your own risk :warning:

Windows Windows (64-bit) – Google Drive



Note: You don’t need to delete your current version, you can test multiple versions of Pencil2D in the same computer since you don’t need to install the software, just unpack the ZIP file and run it.

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