Copy and paste multiple frames

Being able to copy and paste multiple frames would make repeating cycles like walking or anything else so much easier to animate. In my first animations, I had to individually copy and paste every single frame for a walk cycle which makes work a little tedious. This feature would make animation a lot more efficient.

@Hobtoon This will come in the next version. Copy, Cut, paste and deleting multiple frames in the active layer. While the ability to select multiple frame from multiple layers is still far away, In practice with what will be implement you can very quickly modify multiple frames across various layers.

Making walk cycles will be a piece of cake “for real”. :ok_hand:

To learn what other things are on the backlog of features and fixes soon to be implemented you can take a look at our code repository here:

Note: Not all the things you see there can be added at the same time, and not all of those that are being worked are on that list, however most of them require to be delayed as they depend on other features or fixes, so please consider this as well.

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