Conversation of .jpg 2 .png using import image in Pencil2D

By accident I discovered that you can import .jpg images into Pencil2D, the program helpfully automatically converts them into .png.

I like this feature, very useful!

Incidentally I wanted to scroll the image. I created two frames in the camera layer and the result was a jump from 1 position to the other.

I found you need to create frames, but they don’t need to be on the same layer, if they’re blank you get a smooth scroll, and the .pclx file is much smaller than if the frames were on the layer of the .png file.

Once the .pclx file is loaded you have 2 select the layer with the blank frames to activate the scroll.

This probably wasn’t a design feature, but it’s an excellent 1.

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What you are describing with the camera layer is a bug in v0.6.6 with the previewing of camera interpolation. If you create two frames it will always smoothly move the camera between them, but due to this bug, you will not be able to preview that movement on frames without a keyframe. If you were to export it, you would see it move smoothly regardless of whether there are frames in between or not.

If you use one of the nightly builds this bug has already been fixed and it will preview the camera movement correctly. There are also new options in that version for changing the easing mode of the camera interpolation, which can be accessed by right clicking on camera keyframes.