Controlling loops of animation

I simply need a software which will allow me to change an existing GIF banner which animates continuously to one which animates only one loop and then is static. I’ve asked this question many times in many places and nobody has told me yet. Does this one do that? Hopefully free or small charge. I have Photoshop Elements 12 but can’t figure out if that will do so.

Photoshop Elements can probably do it, although i haven’t used that program, and i can’t remember much about gif animation in Photoshop.

Gifsicle (commandline tool) can do it quickly and easily with this command:
gifsicle -i input.gif --no-loopcount > output.gif
I’m not certain if the syntax is the same on Windows

In Gimp, when you export as gif, select “animation” and deselect “loop forever” (there’s probably similar behavior in Ps Elements)

There should be loop option in export dialog.