Contrast and Bright?


It is possible to add some kind of add/substract contrast/bright/gamma effect on drawing?





Nope, sorry. I think we need to get some of the basic features straightened out before we add filters and such.

@digimickey I’m afraid that Pencil doesn’t have image editing capabilities just yet.

If you want to do change the brightness /contrast of a single image I suggest to export the image from Pencil and try either Krita or GIMP, since they have dedicated filters for that.

If you want to apply such effect to a whole animation either a video or image sequence, I’d recommend using video editors such as Kdenlive for Linux or Shotcut for Windows or a dedicated compositor like Natron. Even Blender can help with all of the previous, since it’s a really robust software package.

All the mentioned software is open source and is made for professional use.

No worry, good temporal idea editing it with Gimp and put some filters by the way… thanks!