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Testing out my new rig

was this draw or put together images ?

@eshiett1995 This is probably cut-out animation, however this user doesn’t seem to use Pencil2D. He just likes to post his work on this section :wink:

reason why i am asking is i am looking for the true test of pencil2d somthing that comes close to a cartoon. cause i noticed when i draw on pencil 2d, the edges dont look clean ?

@eshiett1995 Pencil2D is a software for hand drawn, traditional animation in a digital environment. You can make the edges as clean as you want, but that requires knowing how to do it.

In this example, this is probably a vector drawing made up of different parts and images. If you want to do something like that I’d suggest other software like Synfig, which is also free ( where you can create and animate vector drawings. It also has a plugin for using skeletons to animate characters.

There’s also TUPI ( which is geared for young people but has many functions and works with vector too however it doesn’t have skeletal animation for characters so you’d have to animate by moving individual images.

Pencil2D has a vector layer to create vector drawings, but it’s being improved right now and it doesn’t work properly, so i’d rather recommend using the other software I mentioned.

to use vector drawings, you have to create them and i cant, i am an artiste. just wanted to know if i can make really realistic cartoons that look like scooby doo, powerfuff girls or ed edd and eddy ? or

@eshiett1995 We’re all artists here :wink: Creating vector graphics is really easy. You actually draw a sketch using bitmap layers and the trace over with vector tools. Look for youtube tutorials in case you want to see this process with other software. In traditional animation you can parallel the concept to inking the drawings with clean lines (clean-up)

As for “realistic” drawings vs cartoons, that kind of result is not dictated by the software but by your drawing ability.

I recommend you to watch the Pencil2D showcase to familiarize yourself with a small subset of possible results that were accomplished using the software:

Also take a look at DJSAnimation100 youtube channel he has several videos on how he creates his own cartoons with Pencil2D and other software. The following is a particularly recent video where he explains all his process.