Connorses's 15 Animations in 30 Days: A Log

Behold! The first of many animations. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it on the 11th so it’s actually a day late, I have to think of a simple one I can start now and finish by tomorrow I guess. ^^; Of course if I don’t finish one by tomorrow afternoon I might let it slide since I have the rest of the month to try and catch up.

I had fun making this, of course the tail was tricky but I think it’s nice. I should try and make a really clean animal walk cycle sometime. Maybe not for this month, but sometime.

Made with Clash (a branch of the old Pencil with some nice fixes) on my old Windows computer. I’m holding out for a stable Mac build of the new Pencil.

sweet <3

Nice, simple with elegance.

Hi @Connorses,

I don’t know but I laugh a lot at the end of your animation. It was so funny to see really… maybe because I have two cats and the ladies, yes they are beautiful ladies, behave always like your animation.

Well done! Glad to know that you decided to challenge yourself :slight_smile:

Hello everyone and thanks for the kind words, I’m glad it looks something like a real cat. I had a lot of college work ahead of me for a while and I guess I took a hiatus. But I’m gonna pick up where I left off, so 28 days left including today! I just did a whole bunch of work on another animation. I guess I just felt like drawing TF2 characters… I’ll probably finish this tomorrow and perhaps I’ll also get a head start on the third one.

I made a screenshot:

Proof that I’ve been doing things!

Made with the… uh… “Trial Version” of Flash CS6. I’m still using Pencil for most of them.

You are such an inspiration…
Your videos are so funny!.

I really thinks that your last video proofs that you work very detailed in bringing new things. I haven’t see any cats doing that crazy staff before :slight_smile:


Here’s another one! I had trouble with Clash (it’s a Pencil branch) exporting with weird camera positions. But I sort of fixed it. The other users here inspired me to try something where the view moves and stuff looks 3D.