Conflict on archlinux

Hy all i received a comment on the AUR for Pencil2D.


It says

<h4>Commentaire de mathieu.clabaut</h4>
<p class=“timestamp”>2014-01-16 09:50</p>

<div class=“article-content”>

The executable conflicts with the pencil package (
Perhaps could you rename the executable to “pencil2d” according to the package name ?


Could you tell me if the Soft should really change name or if one should change the PKGBUILD especialy for arch or not.



Legally speaking, i’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it’s not violating any trademarks.

Practically speaking, I can’t see any distribution accepting a package that contains an executable with the same name as an existing one. It’s not uncommon for a fork to retain the executable name from the original program, just until the devs get around to changing it, but i’m pretty sure it would be a good move to change it in the official source before development goes much further.

Many spams in this thread. They are written in very bad french. It could be good to have a “report” button to report this kind of spam to the admin?

@feeef Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread. The problem is that the report button is on each user profile. I can only mark each post as spam and report individually but they are starting to register en masse. Maybe its because there’s more activity on the forums than ever.