Complete Newbie

Hi Folks Sorry in advance as this is a real newbie post. Other than the basic FAQ on the website can anybody point me in the direction of either a newbie thread on here or videos on YouTube. I can’t find anything on the help pages about setting the frame size etc.


(admin, please feel to move this to the correct thread)

Welcome @Zealotron,

Since you read the FAQ, I guess that you have seen this page under ‘Docs’

Otherwise feel free to ask here or on our Discord server

Thanks. The videos i’ve watched havenet told me how to set the frame size for working, only for export. I’ve been through every menu and right click on the frame but cannot find any setup info.

Double click on the camera layer to change frame (field) size.

Edit: Changing frame size is indeed in the FAQ. It is called " How to change the size of the canvas?". Canvas, frame size, field size… - same thing.

AH. sorry. Many thanks for your help.

Don’t be sorry. Please ask again :+1: