Colour Picker to Palette on Mac

Colour picker picks correct colour then alters it when added to colour palette…

Version: Operating System: macOS Sierra (10.12) CPU Architecture: x86_64

also how do I delete the now incorrect colour now in the colour palette?

@perspexsphinx I’m afraid at the moment you can’t delete a color in the color palette. We’ve already discussed and reported this issue here:

It seems the functionality exists already but the button was removed somewhere along the line. Hopefully the next maintenance version can bring it back. For now the work around is a bit annoying but it works.

  1. Identify the auto generated name that comes by default for the color you changed by mistake. In my example I’ll use the “Dark Orange” color.
  2. Go to File > Export > Palette. Give it a sensible name.
  3. Open the XML file with a simple text editor, like Notepad for windows, TextEdit for MacOS X or Gedit for Linux
  4. While editing the xml, delete the color tag that has the original default name i.e Dark Orange. and save the file
  5. In Pencil2D go to File > Import > Palette. This will update your current palette with the one you just imported, and the color will have been erased.

Please do this only after you’ve saved your file, just in case. Hopefully this kind of roundabout way will no longer be needed once the user interface is updated. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I shall use this work around.