Colors library

Hi @chchwy !

As your were talking about colour palette in your roadmap, maybe I can have a word about on idea I have.
It does exists in ToonBoom and is really a great (trust me, I usually use Flash, and the lack of it always makes me crazy - especially because i’m color blind, so I have to edit my colors often)

Well, what about a color library ?
You define a color (let’s say, dark red) and save it in your Colors library.
You use that color to paint your animation.
But at the end, you don’t want your red to be so dark.
Instead of changing the color in each drawing, you just edit the color in the Colors Library, and every drawing updates !

It could be cool, no ?

I’m sure this could be done for the vector layers (where the color is just a code), but I don’t know about the bitmap ones.

I will implement color library in vector layer.

Ya… It’s easy in vector layer but hard in bitmap layer.

Let me think about it.

Well, that would be already very nice since we can use bitmap layers for the drawing and vector layers for the colors :slight_smile:
hell yeah !
(There should be a way to “name” the colors saved too, or it will be unusable)