Coloring with different layers

So, I’m kind of new to the whole Pencil software, and I was learning just fine, until this happened:
On the layers tab, I use all Bitmaps. I have a background layer and then the animation layer underneath. I can color the background just fine, and I use the fill tool to make it a certain color, then select the animation layer and begin drawing. When I want to color in the animation, I use the fill tool and when I click on the region the colors go transparent, and I find them full opacity on the background layer. I don’t want them on that layer, because when I continue working on the animation, the colors stay in that position and it becomes a big mess. How do I fix this?
Many thanks, Zach.

@zachcantwell64 Hey Zach, please take a look at this overview on how to color in Pencil2D and also take a look at another video I made talking about how Pencil has kind of a transparency system going on with different “layer transparency states”.



I hope these two help you understand how old Pencil2D works with layers, and help you solve your issue. However if it doesn’t please record a video so we cans ee what’s up, but try watching those first.

Hopefully in the newer versions we will see an improvement in how Pencil2D arranges the layers and how the layer “transparency” system works.

You can also take a look at our tutorials page as well as our FAQ page