Coloring / Paint bucket glitch

I noticed that when I used the paint bucket, there would always be a white border along the edges of whatever I was coloring. I would then need to use the pencil to color over the white border. Could something please be done about this? (It’s the same color that I selected, it’s just this weird border glitch) Thank you! :heart:

Hi @PunGoddess0621

It’s not a bug, it’s how flood filling works with no modifications, you’re just used to applications that already handle this :wink:

When that’s said, we do intend to implement a few things that should deal with this problem. It’s on my personal TODO list but I have a few other things I’d like to get done first, so no ETA unfortunately.

A workaround for some situations is use the pen tool when drawing your lines and disable Anti-aliasing, then you won’t see any border after being filled.

Another is to draw your lines on one layer and fill on another. Something like this.

Although that’s tedious, that’s the best advice I can give you for now :slight_smile: