Coloring on separate layer

I’ve heard that if you want to fill in colors you do it on a seprate layer, but it when i change layers, the others are all slightly transparent making it hard for me to tell if it actually looks good.


I tried searching around but couldn’t find an answer.

@alstanbery Hey and welcome to the Pencil2D forums. Indeed Pencil2D works a little different (for now) than most image editors that work with layers. The correct way to view your images in version 0.5.4b and below is to select the camera layer that way neither of the layers will become transparent and you’ll be able to preview your drawing adequately.

Note that Pencil2D layer order is inverted. So whatever is the top layer, is actually at the bottom of the drawing stack. That’s why the camera is on the bottom part of the timeline; because it’s the first item that will allow you to see your layers properly.

Also bear in mind that you can’t draw while having your camera layer selected.

Example: (To see a bigger version of the file, right click over it and press the option <Open Image in New Tab>)

Hope this helps!

It worked!

Thank you for the info!