Color layer

I’d like to have color layer, which is always same color, e.g. white, until changed in some frame (only tool that can be used on this layer is bucket tool and it will change color of this layer). Useful for things that are mostly one color like sky, building’s walls when working with close ups, etc.

Also sorry for my English, but I’m kinda drunk/tired now and English is not my native tongue, so…

Hi @darkhog, could you explain more ?
What would be the benefit against another idea like a color library ?

Apples and oranges @gordie.

Though to be fair, I might not be clear enough.


My idea is to offer single-color layer (color can be changed for each frame), so when exporting to PNG you won’t get transparent background or bg in some color you don’t really want. When I did my animation, I spent like 30 minutes in GIMP just removing transparency and setting background to white - and it was just 120 frames! Additionally not always you can well paint bg color, there always will be some hole here and there.

Also simple solution like setting color when exporting won’t work well, since in one frame character may be outside (blue color for white) while during next he’s in house so bg color is whatever color walls are.

This idea seems to be reminiscent of what is called a “color card” in other software, which is basically a layer whose only purpose is to give a background fill with a solid color (sometimes it enables gradients too).

To be fair, this could be worth implementing if we had compositing features, but there are two easier workarounds that do the same thing and depending on the situation could be more flexible.

  1. Create a bitmap layer and then fill the solid color yourself using the bucket tool.
  2. (my preferred one) Create a vector layer, draw a square outside the camera frame, and fill it with the bucket tool. This way you can use the palette global colors system, and change the color to your hearts content.

You don’t need to keyframe the color if you don’t want it to change, as keyframes have automatic exposures and will run until the end of the movie unless you add a new keyframe.

Since both solutions are key-frameable, you can change the BG Color at any moment by duplicating the keyframe and changing the colors.

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