Color is transfering between strokes

So, lets say i make a red stroke, and then i change color to make a blue stroke next, then my first stroke becomes blue as well! this happens even if i switch tool or layer for my next action. It all transfers. This basicly makes it impossible to use colors PLZ FIX THIS or provide me with a solution or something. Am i the only one with this problem? Am i just stupid?

@spinnis Hey, please don’t say you’re stupid. This is a perfectly valid question. However this behaviour is actually intended for Pencil2D and other animation software that work with Global Palette Colours. Let me explain why and how to use them:

Imagine you’re a painter. With real paint. To change colors you have to wipe your brush clean and dip the brush on a new pigment on your palette. In Pencil2D you have to create a palette of colors and choose from those colors on your palette as well.

So for example, you pick black. You draw. Then you pick red on the palette, then draw some more. However you made a mistake and all your red strokes now have to be changed to blue, because the art director said so. Instead of painting everything over with blue this system allows you to change the palette colour to blue instead so all your previous strokes will change accordingly. Your black strokes will keep as it is because you chose a different palette slot for it.

I understand you might be used to changing colors quickly in order to paint and draw as one might do in firealpaca, photoshop, SAI and anything meant to create still images. However Pencil2D coloring system is meant for animation production where you can iterate changes among multiple frames which would allow you to fix mistakes rapidly should the need arise.

Hope this helps.

If you’re not a fan of the global color pallet thing, you can just draw and color on the bitmap layer. :3

Ok now i understand, but i can’t seem to find the pallete interface. (I did try toggling pallete). I think the pallete thing is those preset colors that you can then change, but that whole section has just dissapeared since i got the newest version.

That’s really weird, it’s in mine. Maybe windows>color pallet. Try clicking and un-clicking it (that’s useless advice but you never know)?

If it’s not there at all try re-downloading it, it should be in one of the docked windows.