Color in layer 2 disappears after a couple of duplicate frames

I have a problem right now with the program in which I have made 3 bitmap layers, one for the main background, one for the coloring, and one as the top layer for the main drawing. As I duplicate the frames on each layer, I notice that the color disappears after 4-5 frames. What’s up with that? Any help?

Edit: as of me making this post, it automatically fixed itself, but it’s happened to me multiple times, so I know it’s a problem.

@Jordan_River_Studios There are two things that could be happening.

  1. There are remaining issues with the image cache, where sometimes the image will get “stuck” on the editor (but it will show fine in the final exports). The current workaround is just to use the pan tool (hand or spacebar) and move the canvas a little bit to force the update.
  2. The frame with color didn’t have enough reach. If you make a frame and work on it it will show over time until a new frame is put after it in the same layer. You may already know this, but doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it.

If the problem is the first point that Jose mentioned, then downloading the latest nightly build should also fix your issue. It can be found by scrolling down to the appropriate section on our downloads page.

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