Collaborative tools

One idea that came to my mind and that is not very implemented in software is to have some advanced collaborative features.

One feature could be the ability for 2 artists to work on the same document through the network. Sometimes you are miles away from your collabarators and you want to discuss your shots with them. With this feature everyone opens the same document and everything you draw on your side is instantly updated on their side.

Another use case would be having several animators working on the same shots. One wouldn’t have to wait for the others to send over the project file and to merge his work. There would be one project file all the time and everything would be automatically merged.

These are just ideas. I will think of a good workflow using this kind of features.

It seems like a great idea and it will be great new feature in the next future stable release of Pencil. I think Tupi has a similar feature.

@feeef Drawpail is based on this great idea.
I think, it is a very cool thing.

Thanks for pointing me to free software using this kind of features! It is very interesting indeed.

Great idea ideed, and Drawpail seems to be a great soft !

But knowing that there is still a LOT of work to do to improve Pencil2D it its most basic features, and that we have only a few members able to do that, I would stick to our (my?) plan :

Make evolve Pencil2D to be kind of a swissknife for animators. Fix bugs, improve workflow, polish essential features (timeline, onion skin, colors library, bulk-editing frames, brushes, basic layer animation, instances,import/export, mirroring when drawing…). Be the best software on the market to do rough animations and enjoy doing them, without being too complex.

Features that are too complex or that would not be useful to everyone should be deffered to other softwares. Pencil2D is not yet stable enough to think so far, in my opinion.

I totally agree with you @admin!

This is just an idea that crossed my mind and that I wrote as a memo for future (maybe very very far) release! :wink:

Thanks for the document about the vision of Pencil! I had never read it and it is very interesting as well as being main guide line for future devs! This is something that all new contributors must read!