Circle,square and line ruler

if this can be added it would be of a lot of help (sorry if i don´t write 100 percent correct im from latino america and im learning english) anyway i make animations and it take a lot of attempts to draw a perfect circle so… please add this :)

@Donspick_Animations Hey, thank you for taking the time to suggest new features. Don’t worry what you said is understandable. In the past it’s been asked as well, however right now the software is getting critical fixes and adding features that have been worked on for the longest time. Only until those two have been cleared new features can start getting reviewed.

For now I can only offer you to create your drawings in a different software and then literally copy paste the drawing on Pencil2D.

I’ve made a tutorial for this in the past in case it helps to explain how one can go about this:

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