Chromebook Pencil2D copy, paste, and cut, Not working

Installed Pencil2D on Chromebook using sudo apt-get install pencil2d, I installed it, watched a tutorial but when I try to copy and paste , (and cut) it doesn’t work… Tried to reinstall it using flatpak still nothing, Please help

@Trial Hi. Can you please go to Pencil2D’s top bar menu > Help > About and press the “copy to clipboard” button to copy the software version and immediately paste the information on your reply?

What you describe is a bug that was on an older version of the software, but it could be that the specific code branch used by the flatpak repository has not updated so if that’s the case we’d like to report it to the maintainer meanwhile we look for a workaround to improve your experience.

@JoseMoreno Version: 0.6.2 Development build Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) CPU Architecture: x86_64

Well that’s your problem. That version is very old, and has an issue with copying and pasting. The apt release is older just because of how they manage the community repository. The flatpak version should be up to date. To make sure that you are not accidentally opening the apt version after installing the flatpak version, please uninstall the apt version and then installing the flatpak version and opening it.

@scribblemaniac Why cant you just update the apt version?

Debian Buster is a stable release. Changes to packages are only accepted if they contain major security or usability fixes. This is just how Debian manages their packages. The latest stable version of Pencil2D is available on Debian Bullseye and Sid.

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