Changing the Timeline look OR.

Can the timeline be made to look like toonbooms/tvpaints?I find the current timeline to be a little tedious!

Or better yet duplicate the software but change the timeline to be more storyboard friendly so that it can be used for storyboarding! I think this would change the game because there aren’t many (or really any) storyboard/animatic softwares

It would make everyone who doesn’t have a wacom love this software! (Because toonboom only works with wacom)
Pictured below The timeline of toonboom storyboard pro

Hi thank you for your input. This has been actually discussed on and off for a few years. The problem has been that developers have been trying to fixing all the nasty bugs first before attempting to change what we have in terms of interface.

We don’t want to exactly replicate what other software is offering because Pencil2D, believe it or not, wants to improve on how people animate digitally while being easy to use and for such needs there needs to be a custom solution.

Of course this solution will be similar to other apps in the market as much as possible to play on accesibility and familiarity concepts but Pencil2d is not pretending to be a replacement for more robust animation packages like TVP or TBH.

With that said you can take a look at the updated mockup for the timeline in the following link, which hopefully will eventually happen :slightly_smiling_face:

The mockup with the thumbnails looks good- I really like that one. I hate duplicating a frame and not knowing which frame I’m actually moving at times.

Not to mention moving frames in pencil 2d can be tedious (at least for me). By tedious I mean sometimes when I’m trying to move it, it would take forever for me to grab and move it.

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@drawingBitch Yeah I get what you mean, but if it helps the frame moving process is a two-step procedure. First, click and drag over the frames you want to select, Second click and drag to move. Always think of it like that.

Sometimes the red playback scrub / header get’s in the way of selectiong a frame so you can double click it on it at it’s base (where the frame numbers are displayed) and it will become shorter to avoid selecting it.

Is there an estimate on when this feature will be added?

@drawingBitch Unfortunately no. As you may know we’re all volunteers, the devs have full time jobs so they contribute in their spare time, which is already limited. It’s actually a miracle that there’s even bug fixing along other new features. We already had a meeting starting this year where we agreed to prioritize the timeline among other things for this year 2019. However I can’t provide you with a real estimate because I honestly don’t know when the devs will start working on it. If you know someone that wants to help with programming in an open source project, doors are open.