Change UI size?

The icons and timeline seems extremely small. Are there any ways I can fix this?

@thinkaboutbunnies291017 Hey! welcome to the forums. Hmm this was reported earlier this year. I’m afraid the only way to fix this from Pencil2D’s end is to create specific icons for ultra high resolutions that are scalable. However this is a lot of work and there aren’t enough volunteers to help implement this at the moment.

The next best thing is to use Windows own DPI function. I’ll link the response I gave to the other person in which there are links on how to help ease this issue. However the icons won’t change only the readability of the text.

Again, this is something the Pencil2D team is aware of, but it will take time before it’s implemented. Sorry we can’t assist you further.

If you have any other issue or doubt, please let us know.