Change the canvas size makes pecil2d lagged

so i changed the camera layer size to 1920 1080 and the program started lagging. Is there anything that can improve or fix this, and it’s because of my computer or because of anything else?

@hiiiii Hey, welcome to the forum. Can you be a bit more specific as to what is exactly lagging? Like is it lagging when:

  1. You draw anything on the canvas
  2. You playback the animation
  3. You zoom out the view back
  4. You transform a selected drawing
  • If it’s #1 does it happen when you draw short strokes? or long strokes? Are your tablet drivers up to date? if you’re using windows is your Windows ink system configured?
  • If it’s #2 Pencil2D pre-loads the images after a few times, so the best is to let it playback choppy once or twice so the images are cached on your system, then the next time it plays (as long as you didn’t modify a new image) it will playback properly, however that said, playback currently is not real-time so it will lag particularly when you have sound as it will be noticeable, but this is only on the editor, export movie will be fine.
  • if it’s #3 Please don’t zoom out AND draw if the zoom factor is less than 25%. Pencil2D does not have a hard limit for the canvas size. The camera size is the size the output video will be, but the actual canvas you draw on, is theoretically limitless, or like a huge paper sheet where you look through the camera. So zooming out is telling the app to show a bigger paper than it should and it will use more resources, that’s why it’s not recommended to zoom out too much beyond 25%. Zooming in however doesn’t have this problem, and it’s good for drawing (the closer you zoom, the more control you have with your graphics tablet)
  • if it’s #4 does the lag happen when you’re scaling, rotating or just moving the drawing?

Just in case make sure that while the camera layer size (yellow) is set to 1920 x 1080, you didn’t zoom out too much while the camera layer was selected, this will also produce similar issues to point #3. To reset the zoom factor press CTRL + H on the active layer or go to View > Reset (View)

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